No, No, No… Everywhere I go I hear “NO!” It's even NO--vember! Well I say "NO" is for the birds!

David West here from Al West Chrysler Nissan. This month, I’m asking Rolla to say “YES YES YES!” During my YESvember sales event!

Say YES! – to a Nicer, Newer® car!
Say YES! – to up to $4,785 OFF a new car!
Say YES! – to the best car buying experience ever!

Don’t let your old clunker tell you “NO!” Get up to $4,785 OFF based on the nicer, newer car you choose.

Bad Credit is for the Birds! My For the People™ Credit Approval Process works to get the banks and lenders to say YES, YES, YES… to you, during our Big Finish Event.

Saying YES is simple during YESvember! Say YES! – to a Nicer, Newer® car and based on the sale price of the car you choose, I'll give you up to $4,785 OFF!

But hurry, this offer ends when we’ve helped 89 people gobble up a Nicer, Newer® car.

I'm David West and I'm a Dealer FOR The People.

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*Credit requires bank approval. Vehicle purchase price affects actual discount offer. Excludes sale price vehicles.